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gundong2Pingyao is like a scroll displaying the development of China’s economy, culture, society, and religion for nearly 3,000 years — the First Bank in China, displays of old armed escort companies, colored mud sculptures, wooden temples, the ancient city wall… every corner has its unique story.

Our Pingyao package tours pick out the most representative sights, utilize time efficiently, and thoughtfully present the gems of ancient Pingyao to you. We are flexible to tailoring your own trip according to your schedule, and offer professional suggestions.

Explore the Buddhism relics- Yungang Grottoesin Datong, combine with the Pingyao Ancient Town and Wang's Family Compound.

Step onto the Hanging Temple, and enjoy the thrilling but safe experience
Visit one of the biggest Buddhism Grottoes in China, the Yungang Grottoes
Ramble in Pingyao Ancient Town. Measure the history with your eyes, and see the daylight fade until the lanterns light up
Explore the “Forbidden City for Common Folk” — the Wang Family Compound. Trace back life to the Ming and Qing dynasties (1338–1911), and see how a rich family lived.

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